Personal expositions


  • Exposition Redheads in “ cour des Boeklin ”, Bischheim
  • Exposition Redheads at the “ Neuf’s bookshop ”, St Dié


  • Exposition Redheads at the Kleber’s Bookshop, Strasbourg


  • Exposition of the second serie of Redhair at the Museum of l’Outre-Forêt in Kutzenhausen and at the Museum of Fine Arts of Mulhouse.
  • Exposition Origines at the center of Europe-Chine, Strasbourg


  • Exposition of the second série of Redhair at the gallery of Ettappenstall in Erstein and at the French Institute of Barcelone, Spain.


  • Exposition-Installation of Mystère des Origines at the church of St Grégoire of Ribeauvillé in the manifestation of the 14th chemin d’art sacré.
  • Exposition of Métamorphosis at the French Culturelcenter of Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • Exposition of the second série Redhair (2008-2009)at the Mediathèque of Rosheim, at the Temple of Sarre-Union, at the Espace Apollonia in Strasbourg, at the Mediathèque of Truchtersheim.


  • Exposition of the second série Rehair (2008-2009) at the Mediathèque of Sélestat.


  • Photographic Installation of étoiles filantes at the gallery La Chambre, Strasbourg.
  • Exposition Métamorphosis at the House of Alsace Région, at the salle Blanche of the KléberBookshop and at the salle Corbeau of Haguenau.


  • Exposition Portraits 1995-2005 at the gallery La Chambre and at the Espace Lézard, Colmar.
  • Exposition of the série Le Désert Australien at the gallery la Chambre and at the Maillon in Strasbourg, at the Médiathèque of Sélestat, at the salle Corbeau of Haguenau, at the Passerelle of Rixheim and at the Townhall of St Louis.


  • Exposition la Lecture et les Ophélies for the opening of the Espace Athic, Obernai.
  • Exposition of the série Dames-pipi at the garden of the two shores, Strasbourg.
  • Exposition des Ophélies et Rêves Eveillés at the gallery Art-Tendance, Kehl, Germany.


  • Exposition of the série Metamorphosis at the gallery La Chambre.


  • Exposition of the séries Ophélies, Daydreams et Mother and Children à La Stills Gallery of Sydney, Australia.
  • Exposition of the série Ophélies and daydreams at the CCI of Strasbourg.


  • Exposition of the série Mother and Children in the cold Greenhouses of the Botanic Garden, Strasbourg.
  • Exposition of the série Dames-pipi at the gallery Stimultania, Strasbourg.
  • Exposition of the série Redhair at the Opéra café.


  • Exposition of the série redhair at the gallery Zoo, Helsinki, Finland.


  • Exposition of Redhair at the tropical Greenhouses of the Botanic garden and at the National Théâter of Strasbourg.